The social way to walk, jog, run, cycle, or even... ski.

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Earn badges as you run. Almost 100 badges are available, spanning a variety of categories and difficulty levels.

Form running groups and earn group badges for collective achievements. Invite your friends!


See your path in real-time as you’re moving.

Overlay your friends tracks onto the map and try to beat their time!

View graphs of track statistics over time.

The premier social running app for Android (formerly called Happy Feet)

Winner of the Health 2.0 Move Your App! Developer Challenge

See the demo video at the Health 2.0 Conference from San Francisco 2010


Share your tracks with your friends.

Download your friends’ tracks and explore new places to run.


See your Facebook friends using the app.

Invite / challenge your friends on runs.

Check out your friends in leaderboards ranking them on various stats.


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